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We, at, understand the enormous challenges small business face when it comes to organise a professional internet presence. Most small businesses find themselves frustrated and discouraged at the thought of an expensive and time consuming exercise of organising a quality website. The owners of small business assume, for all the right reasons, that they can only have a professionally orchestrated web presence by investing a lot of time and money. They also think that they would have to learn new set of skills and language just to be able to communicate with the professional web designers.

We have developed a service especially for small business. We can design outstanding websites without a huge outlay and allow small businesses to project a truly professional outlook that their business deserves. And we speak a plain English language without the terrifying technical jargons.

What is This Service?

It is called Rent-A-Website. And this is how it works:

  √  We design a professional looking website Free of Charge

  √  We set up the new website on the World Wide Web for a reasonable setup fee

  √  We host and maintain the new website

  √  We buy a suitable domain name for our clients

  √  We create professional email addresses for our clients

  √  We host and maintain all email addresses


How much does it all cost?


The biggest cost of organising a professional web presence lies in the designing of the websites which can be in thousands of pounds. We however do not charge for the web site design. The only costs our clients incur are as follows:


A setup fee starting from £450
A monthly charge starting from £35
A small one off charge for email accounts setup


And there you have it, a professionally designed web site representing the outstanding products and services you offer without investing thousands of pounds. Furthermore, there is no long term binding contract. You can walk away from it any time you wish.