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Now there is an easy way to get brand new & most up to date computer equipment without spending* a penny up-front. Yes you read it right up-to-date new computers without spending thousands. You can have most up-to-date high-tech computer equipment for your business without any up front payment in most cases at affordable monthly cost.


Here are a few advantages of our Stretchy-Lease:

Don’t have to part with your money up front

100% Tax deductible

Acquire new computers every 18 months

3 year support & warranty

Ownership of all equipment

We can arrange an affordable computer lease to supply many makes and models such as Acer Ferrari, Acer Laptops & desktop computers, Apple iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, HP Notebooks & Desktop PCs, Samsung computers, Sony computers, IBM computers and many more.


Our unique computer lease is a sure way to equip your work place with the most up-to-date I.T equipment without paying the cost up-front.


Our unique computer lease will allow you to utilise the capital, usually needed to buy computers, more effectively.


We offer a real solution to an age old problem most small businesses face. We help small businesses acquire hi tech computer systems without any need for up-front funding and investment.


To find out how little it is going to cost a week to get brand new & high spec computers, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist any way we can.



*subject to credit history & status, conditions apply.


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